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Assessment: The Silent Killer of Learning

John Caranci, teacher Faculty of Education University of Toronto

Eric Mazur runs the undergraduate physics program at Harvard University. He began on a road to learn how his students learn. He first removed lecture as a teaching option in his undergraduate courses. He developed Peer Instruction as well as a plan to reform education. He uses PBL (problem-based learning), and Peer Instruction, and other engagement pedagogies in his class instead of lecturing.

In this video, Mazur now describes the problems with traditional assessment (the examination). When is assessment efficacious to learning? He shows many alternatives to examinations.

I did not think anyone thought the way I did. At last, this not only makes sense, but it is a belief I’ve lived with ALL MY LIFE!

Note: At 6:30 the proper image appears to be missing but this discussion reappears at 34:00 with the necessary image.
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