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One-Minute Experiments

Patrick Whippey, Department of Physics, University of Western Ontario

Something wonderful happened in my Physics 21 class just before Christmas last year. There was excitement, wonder, great mutual support, and just plain fun as one hundred and twelve students demonstrated 52 experiments in 52 minutes. Read More...

The Sailboat Problem

Eknath V. Marathe, Consultant, STS Education

The sailboat provides one of the most interesting illustrations of vector resolution. Read More...

Gold Wedding Ring — Monkey and the Pulley

Murray D. Kucherawy, A.B. Lucas S.S., London

Effective classroom demonstrations often require tinkering with temperamental equipment. With the permission of the editor, I would like to share a “thought demonstration” that requires no equipment, but which still makes a surprising point. Read More...

Bernoulli Lost His Marbles

Al Bartlett, University of Colorado

Fill a one-litre graduated cylinder with water; the cylinder should be about 5 to 8 cm in diameter and 30 to 40 cm tall. Take an ordinary glass marble and try to drop the marble into the water in such a way that the marble will fall all the way to the bottom without first hitting the side of the cylinder. The marble makes an audible click every time it hits the glass wall. Read More...
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