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Big Ben — Lenz’s Law and the Cow

John Childs, Grenville Christian College, Brockville

Two demonstrations from John Childs.

Flying Time

Dave Erb, Red Lake District High School

This is a demonstration of centrifugal force.

The Prisoner

John Childs, Grenville Christian College, Brockville

This is an exciting force vector demonstration, which is guaranteed to create some pandemonium in your classroom! It can be done just as a visual demonstration, or as the introduction to a stimulating and challenging problem to get everyone in the class working. Your better grade-12 students can pursue the solution to a considerable length. Read More...

Adding Colours

Alan Hirsch, Port Credit Secondary School

Having taught senior high school physics for more than 20 years, I had thought the chances of a student discovering something I hadn't seen before while performing a typical physics experiment were remote. Thus, when OAC student Karen Whiskin was performing measurements on the wavelengths of various colours of light and yelled out, "Hey sir, come and look at this!", I was not expecting to see anything new. To my surprise and joy, Karen's discovery was also a discovery for me. Using a single diffraction grating, Karen had observed the addition of light colours and had recognized that secondary light colours were being formed from primary light colours. Read More...

Electric Hotdog

Roland Meisel, Ridgeway Crystal Beach High School

A current can be run through a hotdog in order to cook it. There are commercial hotdog cookers that make use of this principle. I use it near the end of the unit on resistance in the Grade 12 Physics course. Read More...
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