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FAST Motion Studios - Physics Field Trip

Over the past 18 months the OAPT has been working with Paul Rapovski, CEO of FAST Motion Studios (2 Denison Rd W, Toronto) to develop an experiential field trip for high school physics students. The intent is to reveal the variety of career pathways in the recession-proof business of entertainment production — movies, television and gaming. We successfully tested our model in September with a focus group of physics teachers — including a complement from the OAPT team. This field trip program was revealed at the recent STAO conference and we are extending the offer to our members.

To this end there are three attachments:
  • FAST STEM connection: outlines the rich STEM base of the motion picture, television and gaming industry (general info)

Please feel free to pass these along to colleagues. The first step is to identify potential date(s) for the field trip and connect with me to confirm (dave@fastmotionstudios.com). As well, contact me if you require more information.

Thank you for your time and attention to this unique and exciting initiative.
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